“Compassionate” Should Start with a K

By Martin Sher, AmSher Co-CEO

KarleneWhat does it take to be a likeable bill collector? Many would say it’s an impossible task.

But not Karlene. In her 10 years as an AmSher collector, Karlene has called literally thousands of people who have past-due debts – that’s a lot of conversations. In fact, she’s collected more than $5 million in delinquent debt over the last decade.

And I doubt there were many people who answered the phone and thought, “Oh good! It’s the bill collector!”

But people talk to Karlene, because she is likeable and has a special, fun personality. She listens, laughs, and even cries with the people she’s talking to. She makes it her mission to help people think, consider, find money and pay their bills. We find time and time again that people appreciate her attitude and her help getting their bills paid.

Karlene is a true collection professional. She enjoys her work and is our resident “super star” for the many clients she helps find lost dollars. And by helping those people through a tough time, she has helped them find relief from paying off their debts.

But don’t let her professionalism fool you – Karlene is also one of our favorite office comedians! When being presented with an Achievement Award at our recent company banquet, Karlene did the “Harlem Shake” all the way down the stage. Needless to say, her teammates laughed hysterically!

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