CompassioNATE Collections

David Sher, Nate Thomas, Martin Sher

David Sher, Nate Thomas, Martin Sher

(written by Martin Sher)

Well I’m sitting in my den making some notes for my blog, and I write down the word Compassionate.  My topic was there staring me in the face! NATE! The last four letters of compassionate spell NATE.  Unbelievable!  Definitely a sign of some sort.

Nate is compassionate and Nate is a fantastic collector.  He has been collecting millions of dollars for Amsher’s clients for the last 13 years.

Nate is a great guy.  He is kind and compassionate and everyone loves and respects Nate. Nate cares about everyone.  That is why people like him. He cares about his fellow teammates at AmSher.  He cares about his family.  He cares about AmSher’s clients.  And he cares about every person he calls on the phone all day long, collecting money.  In his lifetime he has probably called and talked to the equivalent of a major city like Chicago.  Where it just so happens his loving mother is from.

We do our absolute best to hire compassionate people like Nate, because they are the most effective collectors.  We did not train Nate on how to be compassionate.   His mom did.

There is an art and a science to being an effective collector.  The art of collecting is to utilize every ounce of your compassion and kindness to help well-intentioned people find the money they need to pay their just debts. There is an instinctive, delicate balance the most effective collectors have to assist debtors to achieve the unbelievable feeling of relief when a bill is finally paid.

AmSher is a nationally recognized collection and receivables company licensed to conduct business for our clients in all 50 states. We are American Collectors Association International PPMS quality certified. We insist on complete compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. And our client support is second to none. Whether you need front-end receivables or back-end bad debt collection, AmSher has the services that will add some shine to your bottom line.

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