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CompassioNATE Collections

(written by Martin Sher) Well I’m sitting in my den making some notes for my blog, and I write down the word Compassionate.  My topic was there staring me in the face! NATE! The last four letters of compassionate spell … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Martin Sher, co-CEO

As many of you know, I served this past year as President of the American Credit Association, and it has been such a wonderful experience.  There are 100’s of thousands of dedicated credit and collection professionals all over the world … Continue reading

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E is for Expectations: “How To Have Fewer Bad Debts” series

The couple had just gotten married. It was dur­ing the time of the old west and the newlyweds were off to California in their mule-drawn wagon. They traveled a mile or two and their mule sud­denly stopped. The bride angrily … Continue reading

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Welcome to AmSher’s first blog entry!

“Collection departments alone don’t cause bad debts – bad management causes bad debts.” Continue reading

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