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CompassioNATE Collections

(written by Martin Sher) Well I’m sitting in my den making some notes for my blog, and I write down the word Compassionate.  My topic was there staring me in the face! NATE! The last four letters of compassionate spell … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken And Credit Scores

By Martin Sher, AmSher Co-CEO Over the next few months, I want to use this blog to help get people out of debt.  I grew up in a family business that helped thousands of people get their first credit account … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln had a credit score of 387

By Martin Sher, AmSher Co-CEO Most people in the United States are honest and intend to pay their bills.  It has been that way for about 237 years – that is why our credit system has thrived and our standard … Continue reading

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Personal Visit: most effective and least used

Most people would prefer not to confront their debtors face-to-face. However, as the following story demonstrates, it is the most effective method of collection. (As told by Martin Sher.)  I received a frantic call from a business friend of mine. … Continue reading

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Perform Collection Triage

When you have too many accounts to collect, in addition to deciding how to handle them, you must also decide which ones to collect first. If you have limited resources, always work your newest delinquencies first and leave your oldest … Continue reading

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Get to Know Forrest Hardy

Forrest Hardy is our Director of Business Development and Government and has been with AmSher 16 years. His days are busy corresponding with current clients, potential clients and government officials.

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Kill People with Kindness and Collect Lost Dollars

By Martin Sher, AmSher Co-CEO When I train collectors, I always stress approaching every collection call as if  you are collecting from your “mama.”  Every person you talk to when collecting government debt or any other kind of debt is … Continue reading

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